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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

**GREG NASH No Longer with Garrison Brewery**

As I sat at my computer desk last night typing out the profile of Garrison's new Winter Weizenbock, I was thinking and writing about how Greg Nash, the brew master at Garrison's, was producing some fantastic beers out on the East Coast.

This morning I received a comment on the blog from a reader named 'jeremy' who stated that a rumour is circulating around Halifax that Nash is no longer with the company - a fall out with ownership. I contacted the brewery and got the bad news I was hoping wasn't true - Nash is gone. I couldn't obtain any details about the development, but I was told that yesterday was his last day.

Here's hoping that the brewer of the Canadian Beer of the Year, will catch on somewhere real soon in order to keep pumping out excellent beers.

Nash -if your reading this, head west on the 401 and stop in Ontario.

****Follow up: I spoke with Garrison Brewery Owner Brian Titus over the phone, and he too confirmed the rumour. While he didn't divulge all the news, he did state that Nash was the "best brewer Garrison ever had" and he will be missed. When asked about the seasonals and one offs that have been well received, Titus confirmed that new brew master Daniel Girard would continue to produce the Imperial Pale and would also look into creating others. Girard comes from New Brunswick's Pumphouse Brewery and has a brewing background from Germany and China. "He is very professional, has loads of experience operating breweries and was with Pumphouse when they were winning all the awards," stated Titus. "Garrison plans to see a 40% increase in sales this summer, so right now were busy gearing up for that".

****Follow up: I also spoke with Nash today, and while he is disappointed in the direction the brewery decided to go, he has his head up and he strongly stated that he will continue to brew beer somewhere. "I haven't decided the direction of the next chapter of my life as yet, however it will definitely involve making good beer. Now who needs a brewer?!" It wasn't just Nash that left, a group of guys followed him out the door, "the rest of my assembled brewing team quit as of 10a.m. today too", stated Nash.


Brett said...

Great blog, good to see beer is taken seriously overseas

Troy Burtch said...

Thanks for the nice words Brett, glad you enjoy the blog.


beerbeatsbites said...

Sad to hear this. Hopefully, the new brewer will be able to keep the quality and experimentation level high, and Greg will end up somewhere that will allow him to continue doing good and interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ahggggh ... what the heck is going on at Garrison. To loose the best brewmaster in Canada and all his team at the same time. What is Brian Titus thinking? Oh please don't say Garrison is looking to make a more 'acceptable' or 'popular' beer.

Mr. Nash - some day you will have to let us all know the rest of the story.

Jon, Halifax

Anonymous said...

More on this here:

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