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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Monday at The Abbot on the Hill

On March 7th, I headed over to the Summerhill LCBO to visit the Roland and Russell team, as they poured samples of Urbock 23 and chatted with interested customers. They even gave me a bottle of Gouden Caroule Easter Beer, which has a great label.

The owners of the Abbot on the Hill were also there handing out some delicious appetizers and handing out menu's to their wonderful gastropub. I got talking with Adam (1 of the owners) about the Easter menu they are preparing and last night he emailed me a copy and a brief update on what's happening on the Hill.

- We are launching Abbot Ale on draft soon and have exclusive rights to it in Toronto

- We are Officialy launching Bavaria for Premier Brands and have a Three course dinner lined up in mid April where a representative from the Bavaria Brewery will be speaking about Bavaria, Le Trappe , and last but not least the La Trappe Bock. This Bock is the only trappist bock in existence and it is the 1st time in the western hemisphere. There will only be one keg of the Bock and then its gone.

For those that have visited the Hill, you know how well they pair their food with beer, so it's no surprise how fabulous this menu sounds. For those that haven't made it there yet, it is definitely worth a visit. The food is great, the beer is fresh and unique and the servers are both very knowledgeable and friendly.

Here is the five course Easter Monday Menu:
There will be seatings at 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM, and the cost is $65. Call (416) 920-9074 to reserve.
A Belgium one of a kind. Brewed to honour two powerful founding women from the town of Mechelen.

Seared sea scallops
Frissee salad
Lime chilli dressing

St Martin Blonde
The epitome of true abbey ale.

Smoked salmon stuffed cucumber
Gazpacho drizzle

St Martin Brune
The darker more mature sibling to the St Martin Blonde

Gorgonzola and brie cheesecake
Raisin puree

Gouden Caroule Easter Beer
Bold lemony, with a rich and creamy head. Only 2000 cases are made a year.

Rabbit fricassee
Apricot preserves
Spiced pecans

Exclusive to Abbot on the Hill. Fruity and jammy with the perfect combination of sweet and tart attributes.

Battered banana & homemade cider ice cream

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