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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ontario Brewery Going Extra Mile

I tend to read as many beer blogs and beer sites as my time permits and the OCB blog is one I regularly peruse. Yesterday there was a story posted by Cameron's Brewing Company's marketing guru Mike Laba that made me smile while reading it.

Here it is:

Pat Ryan of Modesto California visited Toronto in the summer of 2007. He tried our Auburn Ale at a pub and upon returning home, Pat told his wife that this Ontario beer he tried was better than ‘Mother’s Milk’. Knowing that Pat couldn’t get our beer in California, Pat’s wife surprised him with a rather unique birthday present - she sent him back to Toronto with his brother for a few days to check out some sites and to visit Cameron’s Brewing Company.

We hosted Pat at the brewery, put him to work and let him package a few 9-packs of Auburn to take with him.

We decided to give Pat the VIP tour of Toronto by taking him to a few of our favorite accounts in the city…

Thanks to Pat for a great visit to the brewery and thanks to his wife Debbie for making it happen.

Is this not a great story? Not only is it a prime example of how hospitable people are that work in the beer industry, but it is a glowing example of how one business can make a someone's dream a reality. This is good business from a marketing perspective. Toronto tourism also benefited from Cameron's kindess as well, as the Cameron's crew showed their vistor some of what Toronto has to offer. If you have ever been lucky enough to meet the folks out at Cameron's Brewery you would realize how much fun this would have been for Pat Ryan.

Good job guys!! And if it wasn't for the OCB Blog site, no one might have heard this story.

1 comment:

Mike Laba said...

Hey Troy,

Thanks for the post. It was a great day/night with Pat and his brother. They were a pleasure to hang out with.

They may find us on their couch when we're in Cali.

We'll have to have you down to the brewery for a similar experience.


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