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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LCBO Beer Spring Release

When I had the opportunity to speak with the LCBO's category manager of beer a month ago, I inquired about their upcoming spring release. After exchanging emails after the meeting, I had my hands on a hard copy of the list with the promise not to post it until a later date.

Well, with March fast approaching, now is a good time to share the release with you. And it appears to be a pretty solid line up with a range of different styles. Beside the name of the beer is the score from

Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23 - 3.32

Westmalle Tripel - 3.81

Rogue Brutal Bitter - 3.73

Trafalgar Oak Aged Rye - 3.09

Duchy's Original - 3.07

Brasserie Duyck biere de Printemps

St.Louis Gueuze Lambic - 2.71 (already at Summerhill)

Weltenberger Kloster Asam Bock - 3.85

Orval - 3.90

I think this list will please most of the beer geeks in Ontario, though I'm sure there will be those that will snub their noses at the choices made by the LCBO. There always is. I don't want to share to much of what we discussed during our meeting, as it will appear in the April issue of TAPS, but I will mention that the LCBO is dedicated to bringing in more and more craft beer choices along with more well known imports, in the upcoming years.

I tried some of the Rogue beers while living in Halifax as Premier Wine and Spirits, a small private liquor store, offered a number to choose from. But I never did try the Bitter, so I look forward to that.

There are also some missing beers from the list that I've heard COULD be in stores very soon; Propeller Extra Special Bitter and London Porter from the Propeller Brewery in Halifax, NS and Southern Tier IPA from the Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY. Both Propeller beers have won numerous awards and accolades in both national and worldwide competitions and Southern Tier is a very respected microbrewery in their own right. It turns out that the Roland and Russell import agency has worked very hard to get these beers listed and Ontario drinkers will reap the rewards.

*******The Propeller beers have not been accepted as of yet,,,sorry for the confusion****



Greg Clow said...

The Duyck beer is listed as Jenlain Biere de Printemps on Rate Beer.

And I'm guessing the Duchy Original's will be the Organic Ale that we got last year?

The St. Louis aside, it's not a bad list. A couple of new things, and a few old favourites. That's even one of the better Trafalgar beers, although I've only had it on tap previously, so I'm sure once it's been in the bottle for 5 minutes or so, that will change...

Frank said...

The Propeller Porter was my favorite beer up until the NLC here in Newfoundland discontinued it. I've pestered them about that ever since. I love the Westmalle Dubbel and look forward to trying the Tripel. More Rogue ales is always a good thing. Some great news Troy, thanks for the update.


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