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Friday, January 25, 2008

Steam Whistle Founder Discussing Hop Shortage

Greg Taylor, one of the co-founders of Steam Whistle Brewery here in Toronto, was recently interviewed on BNN about the hop shortage and the direction of the brewery for the future. View the video here by clicking on the link.

I visited the brewery recently and was told that they were installing larger brewing kettles in order to increase production. We always knew that one day they would grow as two summers ago they appealed for customers to bring back bottles, as they faced a bottle shortage.

It also sounds that within 10 years Steam Whistle should be recognized on store shelves across the country, judging from what Taylor said in the video. I enjoyed hearing his answer when asked about selling out to a large national brewer - "NO! We intend to keep Steam Whistle independently owned and operated like a family for many years to come."

He also spoke with BNN Workopolis TV on a separate occasion regarding staff members from ethnic backgrounds. Steam Whistle recently won an award recognizing them for hiring employees from diverse backgrounds - 12 employees are from 12 different countries.

I have always enjoyed Steam Whistle and their culture behind the beer. Watching these interviews reminds me why I enjoy supporting local businesses. It has been a pleasure watching them grow. And hey, I can say I helped in that regard....Now, I better return my empties.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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