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Monday, January 7, 2008

News from Hockley Valley Brewery

Hockley Valley Brewery, best known for their delicious Dark Ale, have announced that they will no longer be producing Hockley Gold on a continual basis. This news came as a surprise as the Gold has grabbed some attention over at Bar Towel for its recent improvement. As sales started to fall the decision was made to only brew it in small batches for loyal pubs and select LCBO's around the brewery.

In its place will be Hockley Stout. The stout was introduced to the public last winter in large bomber bottles with a flip cap top. Because of great sales, Hockley Valley brought it back this winter in the same bottles and the response was terrific. The discontinuation of the Gold opened the door for Hockley Valley to can the stout and make it a regular fixture on many shelves of select LCBO's.

I spoke with Chris at the brewery and he informed me that they are moving into a new location in February that will be 4 times the size of the current location and plans are to increase production. "We will be aiming to get our beers into most LCBO's and increase our presence in the pubs," stated Chris.

This brewery seems to maintain a great consistency in every batch it brews. I have yet to sample an off product of theirs or hear of anyone else doing so for that matter. They still manually crimp their cans, which I can only imagine is tiring and monotonous, but us happy consumers appreciate it. * A new canning machine will greet them at their new location though. As mentioned, the stout is now available in 473ml cans for $2.50 at select LCBO's and should be in 200 stores within the month. It is a great aperitif beer, great with a hearty stew or with any type of chocolate dessert.


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