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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another One Down, Busy Week

Another week coming to an end and I have once again consumed a decent amount of beer. It wouldn't seem normal if I didn't anymore. I haven't made it out to any new pub though, which gives me the impression that I will have to this weekend. But where to go? I may go to the Cloak and Dagger, it has been recommended. Or I might end up at Allen's; it's hard to believe I haven't been there yet and I live so close by.

Back to my week. I met up with Stephen Beaumont at Volo Tuesday night to sample some fine beers and chat about the beer world with Ralph. Beaumont has just recently confirmed that he will be writing for TAPS, you'll be able to find his work on the last page where Kevin Brauch used to be. This is great news for beers fans who read the magazine. Craig Pinhey, a beer judge and writer from New Brunswick has also joined the TAPS Media team and will be reporting from the east coast.

We drank a bottle of the Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti(WOW), compliments of Gary Gillman (aka. Old Faithful) and knocked back a couple of pints of Black Oak Nutcracker Porter, Granite Best Bitter, Grains of Wrath and a bottle of Anchor Porter. One item the three of us discussed was why the US features so many great hop bombs yet we don't really have one in Ontario. Why is that? Halifax has two, in Propeller's terrific English IPA and Garrison's Imperial Pale. British Columbia has Phillips and Swans Buckerfield and more, yet we only have Sgt. Majors (went it's available). Something to hope for in the future I guess.

Earlier tonight I met up with Chris Layton who runs the LCBO Media Relations and the LCBO's Category Beer Manager to ask them some questions for the next issue of TAPS - April release. They were very open and fun to speak with. Both very knowledgable in many aspects of beer and well educated. There is some great news about new releases, but you'll have to wait, I promised I wouldn't tell yet. Some answers will surprise you, others will not. It was a good eye opener into the inner wheels of the LCBO. I think you'll enjoy the read when the magazine comes out.

- For those who occasionally look at, there are a couple of beer video's showing today.

- This is Superbowl weekend between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. I have always liked the poise and skill of Brady, but I hate Randy Moss, so here's hoping Eli Manning and his ugly haircut win the game. I think were having people over to the house so I'll have to get some Brooklyn Lager to enjoy the game and make everyone else cheer with me.

Now time for bed, after a small night cap of course.


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