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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beers of the World: Toronto Profile

Beers of the World, a bi-monthly beer magazine based out of the UK, recently released their February issue with an interesting story on Toronto's beer culture written by local beer enthusiast Robert Hughley.

I am a fan of the magazine even though it usually contains information on beers, pubs, breweries and people from places I have never heard of or can even pronounce. Yet it is filled with beautifully prepared articles that easily capture my attention and keep me informed on beer events from around the world.

I was surprised to see Hughley's article on Toronto in the magazine but it was a nice surprise and about time the beer culture in this city started to gain some recognition.

The article centres around some of Toronto's best known beer destinations as Hughley nicely introduces those that are unfamiliar with the city to some of our favourite spots. Volo, C'est What, Granite Brewery, Mill Street, Victory Cafe, Allen's and more are featured in short, yet descriptive paragraphs. He talks briefly about Steam Whistle and Beerbistro while mentioning certain seasonal beer's produced by Great Lakes, Wellington, Black Oak, Macleans and King.

It's nice to see those names mentioned in a magazine that is available world wide: hence the name of the magazine. Good work Mr.Hughley, I enjoyed that read and enjoyed the last paragraph, "Toronto has a rich and developing beer culture that will grandly reward those who are willing to come and explore in detail the exceptional establishments serving up finely crafted microbrewery beers throughout the city."

And that's exactly what I am doing with this blog.

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