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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TAPS Beer Magazine - REBORN Dec.13th

BEWARE: A PLUG looms in the letters before you....

There have been some dedicated people working non-stop over the last four months picking up the pieces of the 'old' TAPS Beer magazine and stripping it of the scattered contents and cheesy pictures. I have posted on the condition of TAPS before and today I have some more good news.

This Thursday (Dec.13) will see the re-launch of the magazine and I strongly feel that readers will be pleased. And not just because I write for the mag, but because it is 100% beer focused. Greg Clow (Bartowel, BeerBeatsBites, TasteTO), Mirella Amato (LeGourmet TV), Bill White (former brew-master, beer nut), Bill Perrie (Canada's Pub Guy), Karla Dudley, Kevin Brauch (Thristy Traveler) and many other contributors have put respect back into the magazine with their first class writing and immense knowledge of beer. There will be stories about Pilsner, a flash-back on some of Ontario's best beer events (since Sept), notes from abroad (Wychwood Brewery), beer and food pairings, and a behind the scenes look from the Canadian Brewing Awards Judging and Gala and so much more.

The magazine will be on sale at various Chapters/Indigo stores throughout Ontario as well as at some of Ontario's finest pubs and beer bars. If you enjoy the magazine, (I think you will) you can always purchase a subscription off the website. We have provided a couple of free subscriptions to Alan over at A Good Beer Blog for his photo contest, and Greg Clow for his TasteTO site.

I would love to hear any feedback from the readers of this blog either positive or negative because you are the most likely people that will be purchasing the magazine. Sorry for the shameless plug. I hope you enjoy the magazine.


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