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Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Pubs and No Beer Make Troy Go Crazy

The title is in reference to Homer Simpson when he couldn't have beer - well I am going crazy too!!! I haven't made it to a pub in over a week and it doesn't look like I will anytime soon. Don't you hate it how work and personal issues always get in the way of stuff we would rather be doing.

I created this blog back in August when I returned from a lovely year away on Canada's wonderful East Coast as a way to share my experiences in some great pubs. It has worked out great so far. I have been having a lot of fun meeting new people who also write about beer and its always great meeting publicans who welcome me into their establishments with open arms.

Beer people are some of the most friendliest people you will meet. Everyone has been great sharing stories and ideas as well as recommending pubs I should visit, even going so far as to meet me there for a pint. I never expected this when I created this site. Beer is a social drink. You don't hear too many people talking at work about hitting up the pub after work hours to take back a couple glasses of Shiraz or Merlot. Beer gets people out in the community, creates friendships and provides many people with employment.

I have made some new friends since getting to Toronto that I enjoy meeting up with at events to discuss everything to do with beer. They have been great at providing me with indepth education about brewering, selling and of course tasting.

So, this post is just a filler basically, and if you've read the entire thing, I applaud you!! I will be heading out to some pubs next week and I'll make sure to tell you all about them. Also, I will be writing about a nice little package of mystery beer that arrived on my doorstep today from ????.


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