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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Help To Create Brewery/Brew-Pub List

I am starting to put together a list of regional and craft Ontario breweries as well as a list of all Ontario brew-pubs. In order to get all the RIGHT information though, I am asking all the readers out there to help me out with this.

If you live in a town, village, or city that features a small brew-pub or even a place with an excellent beer bar, please send me an email with the contacts (if you know them.... - a name and location will be suffice though). I have had some great feedback and suggestions from readers about what pubs I should try to visit and I thank you for that.

Also, if I have left out a name of an Ontario brewery on the list I started to create, please let me know about it. I would like to get a good list put together to share with readers here in Ontario and those who plan on visiting one day.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to include the names of brew-pubs and breweries from the other Provinces, so I will do some research of my own and again, I would ask anyone that are familiar with any such places to contact me with the right information.

I appreciate everyone's help in advance and I look forward to putting something of a resource guide together for everyone's benefit.

.........And I will be getting to a pub very shortly!!!!!

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