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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Be a Brewer for the Day at the Granite

I was browsing through the websites I tend to check daily and noticed on the Granite's site that Ron Keefe is now offering regular joes the opportunity to be a 'brewer for a day' at his Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant site.

For $150 you can help Ron brew his signature English style ales for the day. The site says you can work as hard as you want or as little as you want, while drinking as much coffee as you can. The day will start with the participate helping Ron with the mashing and finishing with the addition of the yeast (which takes care of the rest). Along with learning all about the brewing methods, Ron will provide you with a full lunch accompanying a half pint and a couple of pints at the end of a hard days work.

What a great idea from both a marketing and business standpoint. I heard that Robert Simpson Brewery in Barrie also do this once every three months, but when I called in the summer to join in on the fun they cancelled. Then cancelled again. I know this won't happen with Ron running the show.

Because the Granite only brews for mainly on site consumption, participates will be able to do 100% of the brewing as it is done in small batches. I was lucky enough to join Ron and other beer geeks at his brewery for one of our beer appreciation classes and saw first hand how the Granite's Beers are made. Not only is Ron a great brewer of great beers, he is also a very hospitable man who will no doubt treat you to a great time.

More and more smaller breweries should consider doing this in their respective territories. Wouldn't it be great to join the Hockley Valley canning line for a day or help wash bottles at Wellington's. I think it's a great deal. Jump at the chance to join in.

To sign up, simply contact Ron at the Granite. You can find all the information at

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