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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Abbey Belgian Spiced Ale: Trafalgar Brewery

Beer: Abbey Belgian Spiced Ale
Brewery: Trafalgar Ales and Meads: Ontario
6.2% alcohol
Ratebeer rating: 28

I received the Abbey Belgian Spiced Ale in the box of beer from the Ontario Craft Brewers last week and last night I cracked it open to see how it stands up.

The beer pours an attractive coca cola colour with shades of a deep purple but has very little head, and what head there is, disappears almost instantaneously. The aroma is quite nice. Hints of warming alcohol on top of a fruity smell along with traces of dates/raisins and odd spices. So far the beer smells promising.

The first drink goes down almost too well. Hardly any body to this brew. I am shocked by this as the smell and colour gave me the impression that I was in for a treat. There is hardly any carbonation, which is odd for a beer under a Belgian name. I couldn't pick up any hop profile, which is one thing it has in common with a Belgian beer. The more sips I have take I start picking up a syrup (molasses maybe). This beer was mentioned on Ratebeer as a Rochefort 6 watered down and I feel this to be an accurate description.

This beer is definately not a winter warmer even though the 6.2% alcohol is hidden well. It is an inoffesive beer that is easily drinkable but sadly not very close to the name it bares or the style. I wouldn't persuade anyone not to try it and I would drink it again, so I guess I didn't find it to disappointing. It could have passed for a stronger amber ale.

Normally I would recommend this style of beer to someone looking for an appertif, but because of the light body, I would pair this with dishes like a light stew.

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