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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter: My Favourite Pub Season

I have been distracted for the last couple of weeks, resulting in less time spent in front of the computer and even less time out at pubs. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon and I’ll get back into the habit of posting three to five stories a week.

Things have been a little slow in the beer/pub scene lately, as everyone is gearing up for the busy holiday season. Which brought me the idea for this post – The Best Pub Season.

Actually, every season is a great season to enjoy the pub, but there is something special about drinking in one during the cold winter months that I have come to adore. It must be the warmth that they offer along with their seasonal beer selection and the quality food. Nothing beats going for a walk on a cold snowy day and ducking into your local for a drink by the fireplace. There is something so romantic about a pub with a fireplace as it provides us with the heat and comfort that we seek along with a nice amber glow.

Drinking on a patio is a great thing as you can enjoy the nice days of the summer sun beating down upon you. Yet, it doesn’t compare to being in the basement of a snug, cozy pub with a good book staying warm and dry. Long days can be spent with friends in the pub and before you know it the night has come and your back out in the cold. You wish you could stay for just one more; it always happens.

Drinking in the backyard next to the barbecue also has its benefits, but it becomes impossible with the blinding winds and snow flurries of the winter. When you move the party into the pub you don’t have to cook, do dishes or control the heat which makes it appealing. This is where C’est What’s couches, situated next to their fireplace, come in handy as larger groups can take advantage of the comfortable seating. Local pubs are usually within walking distance from your home, so on those blizzard like days when we want to leave the car at home, a walk to the local for some darts and social interaction is perfect.

The winter months are also a time when many of the local craft brewers start introducing their winter beers. Great Lakes Winter Ale, Nickel Brook Maple Porter and Black Oak Nutcracker Porter are three local beers that are set to hit the market and are best enjoyed in the comforts of a warm setting on a cold day. These specialty seasonal beers are wonderful in taste and aroma and go great with a hearty stew or Christmas pudding. You’ll find other great winter warmers in most Beligum style beers like Rochefort 10 and Chimay Blue as the high alcohol tickles your throat and heats up your lungs.

I love this time of season, pub season! So, as I finish this post, I am anxiously waiting for the first snowfall of the year so I can get out there and search for those pubs with a fireplace.

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irishkyle said...

I couldn't agree more. Winter is the definition of pub season. Now all we need are some good beer pubs up North and I am set.

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