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Friday, October 5, 2007

Drinking in a Legion

Last night I found myself drinking in a legion while a group of us were participating in a hockey draft. I have only drank in my local legion twice in all my years and this time I took a second to reflect on the surroundings.

Legions are a good place to go for a cold beer and a history lesson. While we were sitting there having some drinks after the draft, an elderly legion patron made his way over and fascinated us with stories of his fertile grandfather. He went on and on about his grandfather having 26 children with two wives and going through 48 loaves of bread a week. He had us in tears as he described his prolific grandmother's.

Legions may not have the best beer selection, but they do offer hospitality. I was shocked to see cans of Guinness in the beer fridge especially in the village we were in, as people there are predominately Molson or Coors Light drinkers. Which by the way was on tap along with Blue. But it really isn't about the beers at a legion. It is about sitting around a table and shooting the breeze with a bunch of regulars, sharing stories, experiences in a relaxing place.

They are a big part of the communities they are situated in, running fundraisers, holding events, and providing a place for seniors to wet their whistle so to speak. They are welcoming, inviting and as in our case, engaging. From what I've heard, most legions also have a display of war artifacts that offer insights into our past.

Last night I felt at home, part of the community. It was a fun night and I hope we go back soon.

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