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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lazy Long Weekend

So, the long weekend has passed and I made it to a total of zero pubs! I am ashamed to say so. I was in Stoney Creek for a birthday party on Saturday and enjoyed a bunch of Mill Street's Wit Beer, which was perfect by Lake Ontario. I had planned to visit both C'est What and McCarthy's Irish Pub in Toronto on Sunday and Monday, but due to lack of sleep Saturday, I couldn't muster up enough energy to make it on Sunday. I headed to C'est What on Monday afternoon only to find out they don't open their doors until 5pm on holidays. So I ended up at the Duke of Richmond; which I won't comment on, and McCarthy's just didn't happen. I will make it there next weekend for sure.

I have put together a list of places around the Province that I plan on attending in the coming months. My goal is to write about one or two pubs a week, granted I make it out somewhere new. I also plan on posting one editorial piece a week and news updates regarding pubs/beer as they happen. Here is what I am asking of you, the reader.

I would like to know where you go, what you drink and any suggestions or ideas that you have that you would like to read about. I am open to anything and would love to hear your thoughts. Either email me at or leave a comment under this post by clicking on the comment link and you can choose anonymous as your name.

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming re-debut of TAPS magazine where word has it that I will have a featured column every issue. The magazine will focus on the Ontario beer industry as well as pubs. Copies of the magazines will be available in all Chapters/Indigo bookstores in Ontario. No word yet on publication date.

"Support your locals"

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