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Monday, September 17, 2007

Book Review: Man Walks into a Pub

Like I have mentioned before, I am new to this, and in order to pass myself off as a somewhat knowledgeable beer/pub guy, I have had to read some books to better educate myself.

I have read quite a few beer related books over the years, but I have just recently completed a fabulous read in Pete Brown's "Man Walks into a Pub: A Sociable History of Beer Drinking".

Brown is based in London, England where the pub culture is well established and well known. He is an advertising executive who works on key accounts for Stella Artois and Heineken but doesn't try selling the reader on them. *He did succeed brilliantly in making me want a good hand pulled bitter though*.

He takes you on a fun ride throughout the history of English drinking laws which at times are as laughably, if not worse than past Canadian laws regarding public houses and beer. He talks in great detail about the social aspects of pub life and how they have helped shape Britain as a nation.

What I found most interesting was the way Brown broke down the differences between inns, public houses, saloons and taverns providing a novice like me information that is hard to come by. I found his writing easily read and enjoyable and his charming English wit made it entertaining to read about beer's history.

It was an interesting read that any serious beer/pub lover would enjoy and I highly recommend it. I look forward to purchasing his latest book, 'Three Sheets to the Wind'.


Alan said...

Yes it is indeed an excellent read. I like yourself am no expert but was drawn into the facinating 'real' social history side of pubs etc.

Also, I have always been a fan of 'Man walks into a pub' jokes.

Troy Burtch said...

The jokes on the website are a great time. They help pass the time at work.

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