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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The 2007/8 Independent Boast and Toast Series

I was contacted today by Russ Rowlands, the Director of Operations for Industry SOS, regarding the content of this blog. Rowland's goal is to encourage and assist the profitability of Toronto's independent and locally-owned pubs/bar/restaurants through education, operational help and more to help them compete against big name pub/restaurant chains. He noticed the blog and was very happy to see that there are others that care deeply for "locals" and are doing something to encourage the public to explore these options. Industry SOS is holding a boast and toast at Rowers Pub in Toronto on October 14th. Please read the following press release from Rowlands and visit their website for more information.

A series of events brewed up to support Toronto's independent and locally-owned pubs & bars, the Boast & Toast evenings are the amalgamation of good business and good will. By invitation, members of the Ontario Craft Breweries and other independent brewers will appear at various pubs around the city, to offer samples and discuss the qualities and quirks of their particular brew. Hence, a Boast from the brewers and a Toast to the host pub.

The events cost nothing for the pubs or brewers, other than their time, hospitality and expertise. The pub benefits from new foot traffic and the chance to host a group of industry and beer aficionados; the breweries benefit from increased exposure in central Toronto and the opportunity to speak directly to an intimate crowd of genuine beer lovers. And of course, both pub and brewery benefit from the free advertising associated with the event.

On Sunday, October 14, 2007 the first Independent Boast & Toast evening will take place at Rowers Pub at 150 Harbord (just south of Bloor & Spadina, Toronto.) Tickets are $40, which includes a custom brew-paired tasting menu, a commemorative glass, and the chance to meet and discuss the brewing industry & process with some of Ontario's hardest working and knowledgeable professionals. Of course, the brewers will be offering samples of their beers throughout the event.

For tickets, please call or visit Jeff, the publican of Rowers Pub- 150 Harbord, 416.961.6277. For event planning & organizational inquiries, please contact Russ at the Industry SOS- 416.606.2099 or If you think your pub or brewery could benefit from participation in an event such as the Boast & Toast, we would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss the details.

1 comment:

Russ Rowlands said...

"Support your locals!" indeed. Congrats Troy, excellent start to a well-intentioned and thought-out blog. Toronto especially, needs more pub fans- we've got too many 'bar' options, and too many faux-pubs to confuse the casual visitor.

When I came across your blog, I thought you might be interested in this-

I'm in business to make sure small pubs & restaurants stay in business- ideally, to prevent in our industry what has happened in retail, with Wallmart and Home Depot forcing the 'little guy' out of business.

Anyway, just wanted to give my encouragement!
All the best, and Cheers

Russ Rowlands
Director of Operations
the Industry SOS

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